आसमान की सोच, जमीन की तलाश न कर। बस जी ले जिन्दगी खुसी की तलाश न कर। तकदीर अपने आप ही बदल जाएगी, बस मुस्कुराना सिख ले वजह की तलाश न कर ।

- Vijay (उर्फ Ananta)

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"Kabhi Kabhie" Amitabh Bachchan speaking over a news channel about his book titled kabhi kabhie

"Silsila", Amitabh Bachchan delivered this monologue for his ex girl friend Rekha

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Amitabh Bachchan - a combination of monologues from two movies... "Agneepath" and "Family". In the initial part of the monologue, he is talking to the Commissioner of Police in movie "Agneepath".. Last line... "Kaampti hui awaaz ke peechhe apna naam soon naa mujhe accha lagtaa he" is from the movie "Family" in which he says this line quite often

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Vijay monologue on SRK

From the movie "Kabhi kabhi"

Movie Deewar, when Vijay gets recruited in Dabur Sahaab's company

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Agneepath: Vijay goes to meet the commissioner as soon as he comes to know that some gangsters are planning to assassinate him. He explains in this dialogue that his life is at stake

Sarkar: Rashid (of criminal background, escaped from India to Nepal/Dubai) makes a comeback to set up a smuggling business in Mumbai port. He was told to meet and pacify Sarkar, without whose blessings he cannot carry out his ill intended business. But Sarkar makes it clear to him that he won't allow it with this famous dialogue.


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