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He had this Tintin style haircut and a perpetual "I'm guilty" face. Went from being a "Thuru" to "Denga" status, within a matter of one class (maybe less) confounding all theories of human physical growth patterns. I feel for Sumeet. He was always Suspect No.1 for any mischief that went around. Its a birth defect that he has that kind of appearance. Not his fault at all.

Another thing that comes to mind...maybe my limited observations...but Sumeet (and for that matter Sambit also) never seemed to divulge the true perpetrators of the several 'crimes' when they were punished (sometimes) for things they didn't do...either becuz the blows came lightning quick and no chance to point fingers/react or they did it out of genuine camaraderie (jaan de denge lekin dost ko pitwaenge nehin)

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