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Dadu and Subho Ghosh spent hours (rather days) on the observer mail-in quiz. Dadu was sort of psychopathic when it comes to collecting data and material. So Sudeep is endowed with this natural skill

In our summer vacations after 9th and 10th, we would play cricket in the late afternoons, in the college ground. After every 2 overs or so, the ball would vanish into the jhaadi... After we give up with the search and break into khatti... it would be 99% percent of the time that Dadu would find the ball out of nowhere. 

Probably his diligent data hunting and gathering skills spilled physically into hunting cricket balls

He was sort of Karamchand type private detective, always chewing Juani

His banters with Vikram outdoing each other in praising the other were bloody hilarious. If I were to produce a Talk Show, I would feature these two guys. full Jai Veer jodi

He had the quintessential 'Bhadralok' bangalu babu look...as opposed to Sumeet's ever guilty face. So he actually got away with quite a few small back room mischiefs...

I remember him as a sharp kid with almost an intellectual aura about him . Definitely not one who could conjure tricks...

O u have no idea...    :-) 

His quiet plotting and harmless mischief was total Bhadralok style.

Yep, we used to walk to school together and we used to take the same rickshaw. 

Dadu's humor was also legendary - a class apart. His terrace was khatti headquarters for the gang. 

I think he was the victim, we would all descend at his place and he had no choice

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