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During school days Sucheta and Shabnam Ansari were always seen together. In fact when I joined in fifth, I thought they were sisters and wondered... don't they run out of topics they have to talk everyday

Sucheta was the only one from our girls side in our class who participated in sports every year. And got prize too, not only she got prizes she was sports champion every year. 

Then, the bizarre family links...Not sure if any of you remember I had a 1 line in a Odia play where I played a funny servant - Muun kana kouthilli ki... (I got the role as Manoj Panda was kicked out of the ply due to bad attitude :). There I met Sucheta and then find out that Uttam Sir who was managing the play, her father, and this chulbul boy Budha, her brother.

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