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Smruti is a 2nd generation licensed gun seller in Bhubaneswar. Kabhi Emergency padey to you know whom to contact..Smruti has a great memory. Don't mess with him

In the HPER football games, Biswamohan used to play forward. Some of us not so good players were always behind and far off in the field ....we would hear Biswamohan yelling something like 'Muti de !!' , 'Muti de !!' asking someone to pass the football. What we found out later (I was new to school) is that Biswamohan was actually intending to say 'Smruti de' asking Smruti to pass the football!!

Even I was confused initially...until I saw Smruti responding to every such call from Biswamohan

Bade bhai ke badey kaarnaamey

I remember cricket, with Smruti in the team... poor guy always used to get scolded for blissfully letting the ball trot by...as he didn't feel like moving from his position, and his standard reply would be..."I didn't know it was for me"I can imagine the sightand if the stakes were high...and he got the heat more...he would watch the ball go past him and then start running after it until it passed the boundary...and then he would say...see I told you, it was futile to chase itSmruti is Smruti Ranjan Jena..... Ghara Naa hauchi Ashok so also known as Ashok Jena tooManiya maney achi... U me Pranab Sunil Satyajit Nayak used to go to his house ... U ll get pure full glass of milk( lasee glass )

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