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Sangita, Pragyan and Shovana were best friends. Sangita and Pragyan used to come to school together on their cycles. The cool and calm girl of the class.

Sangita and me, never missed a picnic (Archana).

Used to live in AG Colony. I remember going to her house very often and play board games. Board games at that time for me was Ludo. Her brother had a huge collection of board games at the time. She was a great singer.

I remember Sangita used to share her food/snacks/pickle during the picnics. Yes she was very caring and affectionate.

Sangita was the most versatile girl in the class. Was good in studies, played hopping catching and kabbadi very well and had an air of command. During picnics when the boys went overboard a shout from Sangita would calm them down for some time. She was a very good singer and took the lead in all antaksharis in class. She was always smiling. 

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