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Prasanta, like DB was usually ahead of his times when it came to adoption of technology and thinking about weird possibilities...eg. when small emergency lights were being slowly adopted by everyone...our Nanda babu was already hooking up multiple emergency lights, changing batteries (anyone remember the FiFU lights), lighting up multiple rooms...

One day I saw him writing with his left hand...when I asked, puzzled...why! He replies...I want to be ambidextrous...what if tomorrow something happens and I'm unable to write with my natural right hand!?!

Yes, I remember Prasanta took Emergency Light to the next level, with multiple back-ups, Los balancing and what not. He helped my household adopt Emergency Lights

Prasanta was the Numero Uno fan of Govinda shirts - Yellow, Orange, combinations and variations of these combinations. He also had the biggest Nadeem Shravan cassette collection.

I remember ur narration of the gaint robot stories in the rickshaw while going to school

And ur signature dialougue, dhain ki asiki pain ki paleila. U remember Dat? Along with amareshpanda and dvss raman. Those were lovely days Archana. Getting to hear a new action story everyday

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