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'Tamey khaataa anina, Bahi anina, tamey kana crack?' - Bhopa Sir chiding Gyana gently (yet exasperated)

This master artist, master organizer and 'Michael Jackson is God, I'm His worshipper' believer could energize an otherwise mundane social gathering into an adrenaline oozing bombastic event in seconds. He along with the late Debashis Mohapatra, were trend setters way beyond their times.

His house was the 'happening' place at all times, where many events, impromptu khatti sessions and plots/schemes were discussed and reviewed in detail before being launched into the school world. 

One of the original mischief makers (along with Sumeet), whose invisible hand was somehow felt across all happenings in class without him being implicated...in most cases. 

I remember Gyana on a Hero Puch which was the mean machine of our times. I had this inkling that C section boys were very mischevious. But after participating with a few of them in a marathi song/dance, my perception did change...(Jyoti)

<----  Gyana's breakdancing pics are cult classics, including this one

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