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The symbol of'dedication' (his Olympic style efforts to get into INDEM athletics team are the stuff of legends)...the guy who, in school was present everywhere and in every situation, the ever 'well-connected' guy.

Asish was one of the official photographers of the class with his ever present stylish camera (no selfie concept then), a canon

Starting with std V, my earliest memory is of him on his orange / red mini bike - it was neither one of those small kid bikes with training wheels nor was it like one of the Avon / BSA / Hero bikes with curved handle bars and white brake cables that most of us had. It was a in-between tween red bike and it was ubiquitous with him everywhere - at school, at Sahid Nagar market and everywhere in between

Looking back, Asish was the first true leader to come out of school who had mass appeal across schools for 1992 batch....Yes with the Hero Puch Turbo sport!

One of Asish's hilarious pre-voting door-to-door campaigning messages...

"...bhai ku kahi dabu vote dabaku nihati asiba...na hele maada...

...au kahibu Asish bhai nije asi thile!"

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