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Archana is from my hood(neighbor) - board colony and unit 9 flat. We all used to hang out in the same area - Anand Bazar, Kanak Durga mandir and we would all walk to school. Me, Sudeep, Archana, Lalu, Bhoi (Pranab) and a few others ( Debu came later) we all probably lived closest to the campus with the exception of all the "staff pilla" 😄

Archana and I once did a Sanskrit drama - yes Sanskrit ! where I don't think we understood even word - we memorized every word of every dialogue and regurgitated it on the stage. I think I should have some photos - will have to dig through old albums when I go to India in the next few weeks 😄

This is a funny incident and goes back to the beginning of our school life in RCE campus, Ist std. We all new joinees, Were playing in the lobby infront of the entrance. The girls choose to leave me and Archana.she sat in a corner and started crying. Now the girls felt guilty of their act and empathised with her and decided to get her into the game. Its a different thing that when i started to do the same they said don't try to copy her.we are anyway not letting you play. I still remember archana burying her head deep down in between her knees folding her hands and crying ... Thats my earliest memory of her. She was a softy kind of girl and i hardly saw her getting angry or shout over anyone.

My memories of her are of singing antakshari between classes

My earliest memory of Archana is probably from 2nd or 3rd Standard. She always wore a beatific smile and her Chandan topa.

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