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Aman used to borrow a lot of Commando Comics from me and my neighbor Anshuman Moahapatra (our junior).

He used to get pumped up with fighter planes, commandoes etc. Anshuman and Aman bonded over these military fantasy comics and used to enact high energy scenes at my home and backyard... Next thing I know, they both left DMS School and joined Rashtriya Indian Military College!!!

Aman also conceptualized a children's secret agent group called PANDAV , based on the karnamein's of Famous Five. PANDAV comprised of ... Prasanta Nanda - Yudistheer Aman - Arjun Debashis Mohapatra - Bheem Swaraj and Shakti - Nakul and Shahadev I was later on added to the gang as Krishna, not because of any of my skills, but because I used to drive around Aman in my Cycle. I was Aman's Partha Sarathy. We used to have some early discussions on the PANDAV groups Vision at Debashis Mohapatra's place. Aman also identified an Asbestos shed in my backyard as a potential Hideout for PANDAV Unfortunately, the summer vacation ended and PANDAV never took off...

Shakti mentioned once...Aman was one of founding team members of the original 'Prabhatitara' magazine

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